Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

Many critics have said this episodic tale of a theatrical family with three daughters is Woody Allen’s best movie. Spanning two years, it follows the responsible child, Hannah (Mia Farrow), as she tries to deal with flighty cokehead sister Holly (Dianne Wiest) and emotionally vulnerable sister Lee (Barbara Hershey), who has an affair with Hannah’s husband (Michael Caine). Dancing around them is Hannah’s ex-husband (Allen), a television executive preoccupied with his fear of death. HANNAH AND HER SISTERS falls between Allen’s more uproarious comedies like Sleeper (1973) and Broadway Danny Rose (1984) and more serious pieces like Match Point (2005) and his recent Blue Jasmine (2013). While garnering its share of laughs, particularly at Allen’s perpetual pessimism and Wiest’s crazier fantasies, it also presents a penetrating image of modern lives consumed with trifles and neuroses. HANNAH AND HER SISTERS is among Allen’s most popular and acclaimed films, winning Oscars for his screenplay and supporting actors Caine and Wiest. The script was considered so literate that some critics even mounted a campaign for it to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Dir. Woody Allen