The Family Business: A Tribute to Hubley Animation (2014)

With their stylized backgrounds, limited character animation and rampant originality, John and Faith Hubley created a two-person revolution in animation, highlighted in this collection of some of their most distinctive work. After starting out at the Walt Disney Studios, Hubley broke out on his own to create more stylized, work at UPA, which he co-founded, and then through his and his wife’s Storyboard, Inc. This program features John’s solo work at UPA, including Ragtime Bear (1949), in which he introduced the nearsighted Mr. Magoo, and Rooty Toot Toot (1951), a take on “Frankie and Johnny.” Also included are two Oscar-winning cartoons, Moonbird (1959) and The Hole (1962), an anti-war parable featuring the voice of Dizzy Gillespie. Longtime jazz fans, the Hubleys made frequent use of their favorites, including Lionel Hampton in their first collaboration, The Adventures of an * (1957), Ella Fitzgerald in The Tender Game (1958) and Quincy Jones in Of Men and Demons (1969) and Eggs (1970). Also featured are John’s Naval training film Flat Hatting (1944), Faith’s solo effort My Universe Inside Out (1996) and the Hubleys’ classic ads for Maypo, Ruffles and Tenderoni.

Dir. John and Faith Hubley

In attendance: Leonard Maltin