Why Worry? (1923)

In his last film with producer Hal Roach, Harold Lloyd takes on a South American revolution. The daredevil clown stars as a wealthy hypochondriac whose tropical vacation lands him in jail just as a civil war breaks out. To escape, he enlists the help of towering fellow convict Colosso (Johan Aasen) and his beautiful nurse (Jobyna Ralston). Lloyd and Roach parted on good terms, with each simply wanting to move in new directions. For this film, Roach even helped Lloyd find the perfect sidekick in Aasen. Inspired by Charles Chaplin’s work with Eric Campbell, Lloyd wanted to team up with an oversized actor. After his first choice, George Auger (The Cardiff Giant) died suddenly, Roach heard of a man in Minneapolis who stood 7′ 2 ½” tall. The team-up was a big hit, giving Aasen a new career as an actor. WHY WORRY? also introduced a new leading lady for Lloyd in Jobyna Ralston, who took over when his previous leading lady, Mildred Davis, retired to marry her co-star. Ralston would continue with Lloyd for five more films.

This presentation of Harold Lloyd’s hilarious comedy about a wealthy hypochondriac will feature legendary silent film composer Carl Davis conducting the world premiere live performance of his new original score with an orchestra.

Dir. Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor

Aimée Kreston, concertmaster
Jason Issokson
Eric Wuest

Giovanna Clayton

Thomas Harte

Sandy Hughes

Oboe/English Horn
Claire Brazeau

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Joshua Ranz

Kenneth Munday

Kristy McArthur Morrell

Marissa Benedict
Darren Mulder

Tenor Trombone
Noah Gladstone

Germaine Franco
Jamey Tate

Nick Ariondo

Kenton Youngstrom
Edward Trybek

Orchestra Manager/Contractor
J. Anthony McAlister
McAlister Arts LLC

The members of the orchestra are represented by Professional Musicians Local 47, AFM.


In attendance: Suzanne Lloyd, Carl Davis