Arianne Ulmer Cipes

Arianne Ulmer Cipes is an actress, producer, distribution executive and a dubbing/film synchronization artist. She is the daughter of film director Edgar George Ulmer and screenwriter/script supervisor Shirley Kassler Ulmer.

In 1994 Cipes established the Edgar G. Ulmer Preservation Corporation, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the artistic works of her father. Six years later she contributed and assisted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in creating the Ulmer Collection at the Herrick Library/Pickford Film Archive. The Ulmer Collection consists of 37 films and research materials. In 2004 she also co-produced the original documentary chronicling her father’s career titled Edgar G. Ulmer – The Man Off-Screen (2004).

In addition to her work preserving her father’s legacy, Cipes has built a career of her own in the family business. In 1982 she founded AUC Films Inc., a consulting business for international and domestic film sales. She has also served as Executive Vice President for the American Film Marketing Association, Vice President of International Film Distribution for Best International and was co-founder and Senior Vice President of Sales and Services for the Producers Sales Organization.

Cipes studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, and under Stella Adler and Salka Viertel in the United States. She appeared in several of her father’s films in both small and principal parts, including Green Fields (1937), Americaner Shadchen (1940), The Masked Pirate (1949), The Naked Venus (1959), and Beyond the Time Barrier (1960).